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According to WalletHub.com  Greenville, NC ranks #4 out of 516  for Fastest Growing Cities across the U.S. Forbes lists  Greenville, NC as #27 Best Small Places for Business and Careers,  and the Milken Institute Report ranked   Greenville in the Top Ten Best-Performing Small Cities in 2014.

As a business owner, growth is a double-edged sword. Expanding your audience is great, however more competition is not good news. Take a moment and search your product or service in Greenville or Pitt County NC and look for your website (eg. pizza Greenville NC or auto parts Pitt County).

  • Are you ranked #1 on Google?
  • Are you in the top 3?
  • Are you on the 3-Pack Carousel?
  • If a map shows up for your query, is your business listed there?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, then your business needs Local Search Optimization for Greenville, NC.

Greenville, NC Search Engine Optimization and Local Search

For Local Search Optimization, the goal is to have your business land on the 3-Pack Carousel or the Map. Organic search optimization still matters a great deal because some keywords won’t produce a carousel or a map and you’ll want high rankings for all terms related to your product/service and location, (Greenville, NC) when no map or carousel is present.

Example 1: Local SEO for Greenville Restaurants

Click to view larger image.

Click to view larger image.

With 3,600 average monthly searches, “Restaurants” is one of the highest searched terms for Greenville and Pitt County. Pretend you are a restaurant owner and look over the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to the left. (Clicking makes it larger.) If you’re like most people, the first thing you’ll see is the 3-Pack Carousel. The 3-Pack Carousel is a real bummer when your business isn’t there. The listing above the 3-Pack Carousel is an ad. The organic listings fall below the carousel and mostly below the fold. Even if you own the #1 and #2 placement, click-thrus drop for listings below a carousel.

There are 306 restaurants listed on Yelp for Greenville. Only 3 make it to the 3-Pack Carousel on Google. This is the perfect example as to why Local SEO is important.

Greenville, NC Restaurants - Avg. Monthly Search

Example 2: Local SEO for a Shoe store

Click to view larger image.

Click to view larger image.

With 1,300 average monthly searches, the keyword “shoes” is the highest searched term for Shopping/Apparel in Greenville and Pitt County. Pretend you own a shoe store and look over the Google Search Engine Results Page to the left. (Clicking makes it larger.) For this SERP, there is a map with 7 corresponding listings. That’s better than the carousel, but still it’s highly competitive.

Again, if you don’t place on the map, you’re going to need to rank in the top #1 – #3 organic spots if you want to be seen because everything else falls below the fold.

Search Volume for Shoe in Greenville, NC

Our Local Search Services for Greenville NC

What we can do to improve your search engine rankings

To succeed at Local SEO, your business will need citations and other inbound links from authority sites, Google My Business optimization, keyword-rich and location-based title tags and H1 headings. In other words, you’ll need to optimize for your SERP, not just your website. This is a holistic approach to Search Engine Optimization that will produce astounding results.

What we do:

We will audit your online presence (website content & architecture, backlinks, social media profiles, directory listings, reviews, etc) and address the following factors according to Google SEO Best Practice standards.

Local Search Factors

Top 50 Pack/Carousel Factors
Top 50 Localized Organic Factors
Top 30 Difference-Making Factors in Competitive Markets
10 Factors that have Increased in Importance Since Pigeon (Launched July 24, 2014)

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